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    Hi there.

    I personally did not marry a doctor. Interestingly, however, several of my girlfriends did.

    Years ago, I dated a "surgeon" from Romania, who, at the time, was working as a nurse's aide. After two years, he informed me that, essentially, I wasn't good enough for him, saying, "You are not a lady because you are not in THE SOCIETY"!

    He also told me that in his country, medical students are taught how to be "mean" to nurses. (This was later confirmed by someone else from there.)

    Well, you can imagine how I felt. Actually, I thought him a terrible person for even thinking this, and then, telling me. There was, however, some sad part of me that believed him.

    Needless to say, this was the relationship that "bottomed me out" emotionally. Several months after I stopped seeing him, I met my future husband (an electrical engineer), and we have been married for over ten years.

    I was lucky - Providence intervened. No, I did not marry a doctor.