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    traveled with my 2 babies (2 cats) from tx to ca in the summer heat...we even stopped in vegas and at the grand canyon. they did great...i was a little concerned about one of them traveling because she meowed on just 3 hr local trips. the vet had a drug company mix up a topical dremamine (sp?) for her because she didn't do well with oral meds....but i never even needed it. after a little time on the road we discovered they did much better out of there cage...slept the whole time next to the cooler, only to pop they head up when we filled up. had litter in a large storage container that only 1 of them used...the other refused to potty until hotel stops. neiter one would eat or drink...not even treats...but offered often. water was the first thing i put down when at the hotel...they would drink for 5 minutes straight. put them in a cute 'kitty bag' with plenty of ventilation if we got out of the vehicle for a tourist stop or a stretch. i was lucky to have my family traveling with me and have a large vehicle with plenty of room for them to roam....wouldn't let the cats in the front seat...only ticked off one of them! well have to say that one of the cats came down with a high fever 2 wks after arriving at my never found the cause....he related it to stress. benefit of being a nurse though...treated her at home with subq fluids and injections rather than being hospitalized at the vet!!!