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Meds backing up in J-tube with pump running??

Hi all,

Have any of you come across a J-tube with meds backing up into the tubing even after an Infinity pump is turned on with feeds running? I'm giving 5ml Milk of Magnesia at 0730 with a 10ml flush after. Nothing in the J after this for 6 hours, then an Infinity pump started with Pedialyte running for 6 hours in the afternoon/ evening. We are seeing the MofM backing up into the line (through the J-extension and into the tubing from the pump). Docs are stumped on what to do. This "shouldn't" be possible, but is. The MofM is not that critical, but other meds are given through the J are....

wondering if if any of you have come across this and what was done to solve the problem

Thanks in advance!!


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Are all the meds being given through the J liquid?

Yes. All liquid and followed by a flush double the amount of the original dose. It is coming back out of the jejunum hours after being administered. With a pump running!!

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I think you have a haunted J-tube.

Best I got


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