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Medication accountability

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I work as a behavioral tech at a treatment center where clients self administer medication including controlled substances. At the beginning and end of every shift we have to count the controlled substances and the oncoming tech that is handling meds must sign off as being responsible.

All we do is take their med box out and supervise them taking a medication and initial and document the MAR as they take them.

Am I right to assume that I should be the only one handling meds for that shift if I am signed on as being responsible or is it ok for the nurse to do so without recounting and passing them off to her?

We do have a nurse but I feel if she is going to handle meds then they should be recounted and passed off to her so she is not taking them out of the cabinet and giving them to clients while I am signed on as responsible?

Am I overthinking it?

It just seems that if something was missing or a count was off or anything happen then my name is there as being responsible.

Any help would be appreciated.


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