Worst IV Pumps Ever!

  1. We recently upgraded to the IV pumps in the picture. Have had nothing but problems with the pumps beeping constantly about air bubbles (when there are clearly no bubbles to be seen) or high air pressure, when the IV flushes perfectly fine. The only thing these pumps are good for is giving me more exercise because of the amount of time I spend running around to shut them up! The company apparently added a valve at the end to help "fix" these problems, but I have yet to see a difference. Has anyone else experienced this?

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  3. by   Quit Floating Me
    With most new IV pumps they are super sensitive to even the slightest kink in the line, littlest bit of air - etc. Maybe to help increase the safety? I don't know. The new Hospira pumps are pretty popular and are quite troublesome as well. You'll get used to it.
  4. by   Clovery
    We use the same pumps but I rarely have problems with them. If I get an air bubble alarm, there is usually a big air bubble in the line that I didn't see. The only time I get high pressure alarms is when the the patient has their arm bent a lot or if I forgot to open a clamp. The only other pumps I have used were much more sensitive and inconvenient.

    Be sure to prime that extra extension piece/valve thing. That might be why you're getting the air alarm?
  5. by   pockunit
    At least with vanco, we open the little vent above the drip chamber and that cuts down on the air alarms.
  6. by   Pangea Reunited
    I hate them, too ...but I did figure out a "fix" for constant air alarms. You have to open the pump, briefly pull out the tubing (the part inside the machine) and "knead" it (squish it, pinch it, etc.) a bit. That seems to work out whatever tiny air bubble exists (when priming does not) and you can continue on in peace. Before I figured that out, I changed out all of the tubing- or even the whole machine!

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