vaccinations post-op

  1. Our hospital is now stating that surgeons cannot order vaccinations to not be given post-op, unless there is a contraindication (ie, allergy). Many of our surgeons do not want vaccines to be given post-op, preferring that the patient receive any vaccinations a couple of weeks after surgery or, preferably, before surgery.

    This is CMS-driven, as Medicare reimbursements will be tied to vaccination rates. And yes, we've tried encouraging MDs to vaccinate during pre-op testing, but this isn't working out.

    Many of us are hesitant to vaccinate, knowing that even though the order may not be written, we know that our surgeons do not want the vaccine given. The most commonly cited reason is that if the patient develops a post-op fever, the MD does not want to be left wondering whether it's related to the surgery or the vaccination. I respect the right of the surgeon to decide what is best for his or her patient, and feel like we are being placed in a bad position by vaccinating even when the surgeon does not want it given.

    Is anyone else facing this? Do your surgeons mind giving vaccines in the immediate post-op period? Does anyone know if any studies have been done about post-op vaccination complications/safety? I would love to hear others' feedback and experiences. Thank you.
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