Two job offers. Need Advise.

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    I need some advise. I've been an LVN for last 6 yrs in SNF. I recently became RN Bsn. Right now I have two job offers, one is from the local hospital ( 8 hour shift/ 5 days) Telemetry dept which pays just alright and the other is from Home health which also pays just alright. I am in CA and hospital jobs are very hard to come by here specially for new grads. Both are full time. Home health pays per visit basis but with benefits. I think i can make more in home health due to per visit basis. But I dont know which one to pick. In the future i want to open up my own home health agency which would be in 3-4 years. Should i just pick hospital for now and then do home health on the side (1-2 patients a week). Then after 1 year get a job in a different hospital that pays more and do 3 days there and other 3 days in home health. What do you guys advise? Thanks!!
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