1. I have recently taken over the MSP unit at our 75 bed hospital. My staff have asked to go to 12hour shifts. I am looking for ideas for scheduling. I would like to provide them with a consistent rotation so that they do no more than 3 days in a strech. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks
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  3. by   3651bht
    Put out a six week block of blank time and let your staff fill in the blanks.. We used red X for days that were absolute needs. Like child 's school play etc.. Leave up for pre-determined time and then fill in the blanks and rearrange as needed..Worked quite well for us. I think we had 25 FTE's and several PTE's .. Just a suggestion....

  4. by   Annabell
    Our schedule is laid out in 4 week span. Each 2 weeks we work the following:

    on - Mon, Tues
    off - Wed, Thurs
    on - Fri, Sat, Sun
    off - Mon, Tues
    on - Wed, Thurs
    off - Fri, Sat, Sun

    The other rotation works the opposite; if someone needs a certain day off, they exchange a day within the 2 week pay period with someone from the opposite rotation.

    Hope this helps give u some ideas