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Medical-Surgical Nursing is available for MedSurg Nurses. Here you can network with each other discussing issues that are relevant to Med-Surg Nursing. Medical Surgical nurses work in hospitals, acute care units, home care, and long-term care facilities to provide care for primarily adult patients before and after surgical procedures. They also attend to those who are being treated with medications to manage illness.

A Push for the Return of Team Nursing in Medical –Surgical and Telemetry/Step-down Units
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A Push for the Return of Team Nursing in Medical –Surgical and Telemetry/Step-down Units

Welcome to the world of team nursing, where two nurses and a nursing assistant share the burden of a larger assignment but have the advantage of teamwork. As a...

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Nurses' Charting (Part 1): Focused Documentation
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Nurses' Charting (Part 1): Focused Documentation

First and foremost, the medical record is a permanent aggregation of various documents that should furnish a comprehensively accurate picture of a patient's health...

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LOOOOOK into my eyes!!

So I was working on a Med/Surg floor- You also need to know that I worked a second job at a different hospital in a maternity unit that was small- So small that it...

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So Why Do You Do It?

The day of a typical med/surg nurse. You crack one eye open as the clock next to your bed starts blaring some song about love, loss, or riches; it's 5:15am. You...

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Medical-Surgical Nurses Week 2017
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Medical-Surgical Nurses Week 2017

The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses wants to recognize and identify the contributions of med-surg nurses all year round but especially this week. Med-surge...

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Tips On How To Be An Extraordinary Med-Surg Nurse

What are the advantages of being a Med-Surg nurse? Med-Surg nurses develop a broad knowledge base of many different medical diseases and conditions. They are...

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What is a Medical-Surgical Nurse?
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What is a Medical-Surgical Nurse?

Medical-Surgical (med-surg) nursing is the basis of all nursing practice. Back in the day, nurses were either medical or surgical nurse. There were no specialty...

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