Shift Differentials

  1. Hi. At our facility the powers that be are looking at retention of nurses. One of the things that was brought up by a fellow staff nurse that would aid retention was an increase in shift diffs.
    We currently get
    1.50 for 3-11
    2.75 for nights
    and 1.50 for weekends.
    What do you all get? I would like to be able to take back comparable rates.
    Also does your facility have any creative ideas that they are using fro retention? thankx
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  3. by   Miss RNC
    3-11 gets $1.50
    11-7 gets $2.00
    we get nothing for weekends and holidays
  4. by   ljfrn
    The recruitment and retention council at our hospital is in the process of instituting a three phase plan for differentials. Last July we started a Weekend Differential of 8% hospital wide. In January we increased the shift differential which was $1.00 eve and $1.25 nights to 10% and 15% respectively for everyone making over $10.00/hour so no one would get a cut in differential and in July 2000 the shift differential will increase to 15% and 20% respectively. Since our average nursing salary is $19.60 at this time this increase the differential to $1.96 for eve and $2.94 for nights which isn't great but is defintely a start in the right direction.