Roux en Y gastric bypass video

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    I am searching for a video on the Roux en Y gastric bypass. I had this procedure done in Ohio and I have always been interested in surgical nursing. I would like to see exactly how they do this surgery. There are many people in my area who have also had the gastric bypass and it seems that our doctors in local hospitals are lost when it comes to treating us because they don't know exactly what they are dealing with. Also does anyone understand why after this surgery a person usually can't handle regular sugar over 2mg. in any food. I developed pancreatitis after my surgery on May 10th and had to stay 4 extra days in the hospital but I am much improved. CAn anyone help me with info or with locating a video. It would be greatly appreciated!!

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    I think you can watch the lap surgery done on ...I think that's the name of the website. Run a search on Carnie Wilson...she had hers broadcasted over the internet, and I think you can view parts of it online. (I think?)
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    There is a video on that has the entire surgery. Good luck.