RNs pulling postop wound drains

  1. Is this a standard of practice anyone? Surgeons are writing orders for RNs to pull penrose, jp, hemovac, etc. Does anyone have a written policy or procedure for this?

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  3. by   snickers
    WE have been removing penroses & hmvcs. for many years at my facility. Next shift I work I'll check out the policies for you.
  4. by   brenda-boo
    KFP: The nurses at my facility remove not only hemovacs, jackson pratts, davols, J- and G-tubes, but Epidurals as well as subclavians, picc lines, midlines. We also pull out chest tubes while the MD ties off the suture at the chest tube site. No policy of any kind except for the subclavian and picc line because there are lots of IV policies. Hint: Pre-medication is a nice thing to do for the surgical drain removals.