Pain Management

  1. I am looking for any help in developing a pain management program our facility. Does anyone have competencies, protocols, documentation flowsheets or assessment tools they would be willing to share? Assessment of the cognitively impaired patient is a real challenge - does anyone have anything developed in that area as well?
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  3. by   beano
    At my facility we have a pain assesment tool included with each patients daily assesment record. Basically we are to obtain the pain level (1-10) prior to treatment, document the area where the pain is. (we have a code system for this 1=surgical site, 2= legs, 3= back,etc) Next we document the intervention taken, again with a code (1=no inter vention, 2=pharmicological, 3=back rub, etc.) Finally we document the response to treatment on the 1-10 scale...time and initial(of course). Hope this helps