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  1. Hello- I have just completed the classes to obtain my NA/R certificate and continue on to Nursing School at South Central College to become and RN starting this spring. There is a couple postions I am looking into in the MED/SURG unit at a certain hospital. Can anyone tell me the primamry jobs of NA in this unit. It is post-op care and I would like to know the job responsibilites before I look further into it. :spin:
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  3. by   meownsmile
    NA responsibilities on a med/surg floor are pretty much the same as any other unit. Post op vitals, call lights, turns, baths, meals. But the real way to find out what the job entails is to go to the personnel department of the facility where you applied and ask them for a job description of the position you applied for or talk to the nurse manager of the unit.
    There most likely wont be anything much different than other NA positions in other departments or facilities, but because there may be some differences even between one facilities med/surg and anothers, get the specifics from the facility you are applying. Only they can give you the information that might make your mind up.