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  1. Hello,
    I need some info on how to obtain nurse's bill of right. I am a new nurse (Texas) and am clueless of my rights. I have been harrassed by my administrators because of my lack of knowledge towards my rights. I'd appreciate any comments/advice from you experienced nurses. THANKS
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  3. by   texoradon
    Call the state board in Austin and they will send you a booklet it has everything in it can also ask then they are very helpful..good luck
  4. by   Bee_RN
    Thanks for your info. I am very grateful for your response.:kiss
  5. by   deespoohbear
    You ought to ask for a copy of your state's practice act when you call too!! Just a thought!!
  6. by   shannonRN
    i would definately contact your state board of nursing! another thought would be to see if there is a policy and procedure on this topic. our hospital has one about nurses being treated poorly by mds...harrassment<sp?> and things like that.