My first unsuccessful code blue

  1. My heart is so heavy. I've been a nurse for a few years now, and I've been through codes, but the patients always pull through. Today changed that forever. My curiosity is, how do you cope with the unexpected loss of a patient? We're talking about a generally ill guy, but certainly not in critical coniditon. Some things you can't see coming, and I'm just trying to remind myself that I did what I could for him as his nurse. Do any of my nurses with similar experiences have any advice on this matter? i can't even sleep tonight
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  3. by   Tenacious Me
    Oh dear ((hugs)). Sometimes cases like this are a real sucker punch. Take comfort in knowing that you did everything you could. Self care - music, hot bath, meditation, etc. will also help. And if you feel the need, a good cry.
  4. by   adventure_rn
    I'm so sorry, sending hugs! Is there anyone that you can talk through your experience with? Maybe a friend, coworker, clinical educator/manager, or even a hospital chaplain (caring for staff is part of their job description, too!) I also agree with all of Tenacious Me's suggestions.