Dalteparin Question

  1. Hi, I was asked to give a sub-q dose of Dalteparin to a pt. It was given once daily as a preventative measure. It was one of the very small prefilled syringes. The actual needle sharp was slightly small than that of a insulin sharp. It had been a little bit since I gave a subq injection and when I went to give it (in the arm as per pt's request), i forgot to pinch the skin(which I realized right after), and I also injected it at 45 degree angle because I was so used to giving insulin at that angle (I just looked up on the pfizer website and they said it can be given between 45-90 degrees).

    Do I have to worry about any adverse conditions developing? 24 hours later I checked the injection site and no apparent bruising/redness or discloration. Patient reports no pain.

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  3. by   vegnurse21
    I don't know if it's our hospital policy or what..but Fragmin should be given SQ (45 or 90 degree is fine) in the stomach.