Commencing work on Med-Oncology Ward

  1. Hi i am about to start a graduate rotation on a medical and oncology ward.
    Could anyone provide me with tips on what to refresh on before I start
    Thanks in advance !
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  3. by   ZLady
    If you have never worked in Oncology, I would suggest one of the beginner courses on Cancer Nursing. Western has a 36 CEU course, you can access online, that would give you a good basic start. I think most people either love or hate Oncology Nursing. It can be very rewarding. I look at it as a privilege and a blessing to care for cancer patients. I would suggest reviewing Immunosuppression and precautions you would take with these type of patients. Good luck and I hope you have a great experience.
  4. by   elbest
    Thanyou Zlady
    Im looking forward to working in Oncology purely for the fact that I do find it rewarding after looking after other patients previously including family members. Thankyou for your suggestions !