Calling all Nurse Managers/Leaders

  1. I am currently a RN with an ADN and am working toward my BSN. An assignment for my last class is to interview a nursing leader (nurse manager, supervisor, director, Chief Nursing Officer, etc.). I was wondering if any of you who are or who may have been nurse managers/leaders could help me out with a few questions. The questions are as follows:

    1. What were your management functions?
    2. What were your leadership values and skills?
    3. What characteristics do you believe were necessary for you to be a good leader?
    4. What was your management style?
    5. What influenced your decisions? What were your problem solving stragedies/processes used?
    6. What tools did you use to evaluate the success or lack thereof of the decisions you made?
    7. What impact did the success of the organization have challenges you faced?
    8. What were your perceptions of the greatest challenges/issues you faced in daiily operationis and strategies for solutions?
    8. What was your approach to conflict resolution?
    9. What motivational strategies did you use for staff?
    10. What were your perceptions of future trends in leadership skills essential for future leaders?

    *Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
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