Baxter Clearlink IV System Question??

  1. Looking for some feedback from any RN/Hospital that is currently using the Baxter Clearlink mechanical valve system??

    Questions: How long have you used the system?
    Challenges with system/implementation
    Infection Control: any association that you're aware of with an
    increase in Blood Stream Infections since
    Has anyone coverted back to their previous system after
    implementing Clearlink due to clinical issues?

    My small community hospital is considering implementing this system. We currently use interlink.

    However, there is some "anecdotal" information in the literature floating around re increased catheter related bloodstream infection rates after the introduction of a Positive Pressure Mechanical Valve (versus the standard Mechanical Valve that Clearlink is) Examples of the PPMV include: CLC 2000; Ultrasite by B. Braun; SmartSite Plus by Alaris and Posiflow by BD

    I would appreciate any info or feedback that you all have to offer.
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