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  1. hi everyone, am new to this site.....am an RN in a 36 bed med-surg floor at a 700+ bed hospital....we are in the process of going to team nursing, however, in order for us to do it like "they" want, we need more staff, which of course is not gonna happen....please give me some ideas on how any of you have done or are doing team nursing please! thank you
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  3. by   renerian
    Takararose..........what part of ohio are you in?? I am looking for a second weekend job.....

    I live in the Columbus area.

  4. by   takararose
    canton area, tad far for commuting but would still love having you, good help is so hard to find
  5. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    Did team nursing when I worked in a hospital. The team consisted of either an RN, LPN, and CNA......or LPN, LPN, CNA....we were lucky enough to usually have RN, LPN, CNA teams. I really liked it. The RN usually did the assessments, LPN passed meds, CNA set up for baths and also did a lot of "housekeeping duties" (didn't agree with that). All three would do the ambulating, answer the lights, etc. I really think I felt much less stress with team nursing.
  6. by   moonrose2u
    we did team nursing at my hospital for about 6 months..it didn't go over well..personally i liked it...because i always volunteered for medication duty...but there was alot of resistance to the team nursing concept.,

    however, with the group of girls that i work with, we do primary nursing but yet are a strong team....
  7. by   takararose
    how many patients for the 3 of you, they want us to take 18 between Rn, Rn, and Lpn, with an aide
  8. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    It really depended on census and staffing. It varied between 8 and 12. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

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