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Medical Prep Institute of Tampa LPN-RN Jan 2015


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Hi everyone. I was seeing if anyone ever attended the LPN-RN program at this school. Can you give any insight? Anything I should be worried about or more focused on. I'm actually at Rasmussen College for the LPN right now and graduate this Dec. I'm looking to start right back in Jan for my RN degree. As I were told this program is 10 months in length, with classes on Wed & Fri plus clinical on Thrs. I'm not very much interested in this school not being accredited as I have found BSN programs which will accept my credits upon completion. I'm just ready to get everything done with and the shortest amount of time.

I am also looking into this program. So far what I've found out is that they don't offer financial aid, but the program isn't all that expensive (around $9000), when compared to other private school options, and they have some reasonable payment plans. They have several starts throughout the year, and will incorporate pre-req's not taken into the program. I'm considering the program but I'm having a hard time finding feedback from anyone who has completed a program there. I believe their RN program is fairly new. Any feedback one someone who has actually attended the school would be great.

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Has 4 years experience.

Yea, I haven't had much success finding anyone who have completed this program. As you said above the price is reasonable and financial aid is not taken. I have visited this school facebook page and read several student comment, which have been neutral. I think I'm going to write one of the RN graduates and get their input about the program. As I were told the day program is 10 months in length compared to 12 months for the online option. I plan on taking a trip to the school next month to learn more about the program. If I hear anything before then I'll be sure to let you know. Are you interested in the Jan 2015 day program also?

Yes I'm looking into the Jan 2015 class. I would love to be done in 10 months!

Avoid this school. They are not accredited. Had a friend that attended the LPN to RN program and she passed but had a lot of trouble endorsing license to GA.

hi everyone I just got admitted in that school too to start jan lpn to rn 10months but need more information about the school, have anyone been in that school or have somebody who is going there.

Hello I'm very interested in this program as well for the jan start date. I have talked to a couple of people with mixed reviews. I just want to know where will I be able to transfer to for the bsn

they offer BSN program too or if you have your prerequisites in community colleges already ,you can easily transfer to university .do you know anybody who school their.

a lady commented that she finished her rn over their and transfer to canyon university for bsn.

I think ill be doing the same thing you can't beat 10 months

I know a couple people that graduated from there and they love it. I work at st hospital and know of 2 nurses that went there. They stated that its very hard and to the point but when you sit for your boards you will be more than ready

I actually checked out this school Cuple yrs ago for my lpn but didn't go ... Got my Lpn and now I'm looking to start a bridge program... So they have it online too???? I'm defently gonna check out asap .. Def for jan 2015.... If it's not to late !!!! If anyone knows anything else please advise :) :)

we started online last week but they still accepting this week so pls join us together it will be fun.were do u live?

Hey .. I actually went to school today .. And classes start dec 12 I think .. I keep getting mixed reviews about the school .. But finishing in 10-12 months is awesome ... Are u doing and prereqs or u already have them?? What do u think so far?? I know its to early to tell lol .. I live in Tampa .. Like 20 mins from school which is perfect !!

woooo that's good am having mixed reviews just like you but I think I will give it a try,i live in texas and hope everything work out,but I was reading their policy handout today about their exit exam you have to make 90% and only 2 trial that scary lol.

Oh really 90% I didn't see that ... Are u bringing any pre reqs ?? I need all... I'm thinking I'll prolly do it too... Just ready to finish .. Lol

I already did all my pre reqs but they have not take it off yet my first class will be basic healthcare, I cant wait to finish this my dream of RN by grace of God, do u know somebody else who is starting with us.