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Medical Mission Trips

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Hello to all! I am a US Native, and a licensed nurse, looking to travel abroad on a medical relief mission. I have been accepted to a mission in Uganda but, due to rising political unrest and an increasingly hostile population, have decided that this is not the best fit for me at this point. I have also applied to several missions to South America, and one to Nepal with the organization known as "International Medical Relief". I have also looked in Doctors Without Boarders who seem to have their act together! I have been cautioned about Doctors W/out Boarders from an MD I worked with years ago. He said that the organization and security are less than desirable and that he felt as if he had been left and forgotten about on many occasions.

Have any of you had experience with International Medical Relief trips? If so, would you be willing to lend advice to a first-timer such as myself? The trips seem to range in price from less than a few hundred USD to over $4,000! Hoe did you pay for your trip? Did your work allow you time off for leave? The trip I am looking at now is for 7 days to Nepal, hiking up to the more rural villages, and then also a trip to the high peaks to aid local inhabitants that were desolated by recent earthquakes and land slides. These individuals have no access to care, and I can't shake the feeling that my soul is being called to serve! Hoping to gather some first hand knowledge, tips, stories, etc, from all of you out there in internet land. Side note... sorry for the poor grammar and spelling - I have been awake for far too long and it is 0300 hours where I am now. Only 3 more hours to go and I am homeward bound!

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