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Medical Kidnapping

JustBeachyNurse, RN

Has 10 years experience. Specializes in Complex pediatrics turned LTC/subacute geriatrics.

Only one sided with lots of theories and speculation. Mother posts results of gastric emptying study. Allegations that kids are taken by CPS for pharmaceutical trials. Allegations physician paid by CPS per child removed ( physicians are paid to consult on medical status of a child involved with CPS whether welfare ( parents need assistance getting appropriate treatment) or abuse/neglect allegations). Allegedly the physician that recommended CPS remove for medical neglect is the same who diagnoses gastroparesis/delayed emptying and recommended GT/enteral feeds. GT removed & one child reportedly has 0% body fat.

Only one sided info as usual so hard to say.


Specializes in ICU.

Wow. This is some of the finest BS I have ever read. They don't even try to come across as unbiased.

Just from what we know from this "article," I am on the hospital's side 100%.


Specializes in ICU.

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. Remember that time when the government enlisted all those nurses and doctors to spread ebola around the world??

That's why it's so weird to me that there is NO other information about it! Like with the McMath case, local news was reporting it and then bigger outlets picked it up -- the parents definitely wanted public opinion on their side so they were very vocal. And whether or not you agree with their POV, they knew that by getting media attention, they get public attention, and therefore public pressure. I'm sure the poor doctors and nurses were under a microscope at that hospital.

Even Justina Pelletier, which is another case on the Medical Kidnap site, has also been reported on in other sources.

Whereas with this one . . . crickets.


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Prob bc it's so clearly BS.


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When you google the name and Phoenix Children's Hospital, the only stories that come up is from Health Impact News (who ever they are).

ktwlpn, LPN, RN

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Nothing else comes up on this person when you do a search. The article skews towards "violations of religious freedom"...I call BS

coughdrop.2.go, BSN, RN

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I smell BS too. Especially around the whole he is in a group home and they have plans to adopt him. That's not how CPS works. And social workers can't keep a case open just because a Physician told them so and there's no threat to the child. And the ankle bracelet to keep him on the floor? And do people really think CPS has unlimited funds to pay as many physicians as they want to consult? And how much would they get anyway? Enough for a vacation home? I doubt it.

Stories like this feed in to the whole belief from people that Physician's are Gods and their word is law. We see it all the time with the public when a patient says, "My Dr. said XYZ, so you HAVE to do it!". Regardless, this story has more holes in it than the cheese on my ham sandwich.


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After multiple searches, story unable to be substantiated. Closing thread.

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