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Medical Equipment Rep


Any ideas on how to get a job with a company to inservice other nurses on how to use medical equipment products. I am a AD nurse with several years of experienc. I have cardiac experience and teach BLS, ACLS and First Aide and I like working with computers. I need a way to get my foot into the door.

You can contact the manufacturers directly. One good source as far as news papers can be New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc. but many of the jobs do require relocation for a certain amount of time. Also check out their website, there is usually contact info there.

Good luck

Forgot to add that most will require at least a BS, not necessarily in nursing, and many do want Master's prepared unless it is a very small and local company.

It depends upon the company. The employer may seek a bachelor or masters degree. You need to contact medical equipment suppliers/manufacturers directly. For your convenience, you can find a list of medical equipment suppliers at YourMedicalEquipment.Net

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