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Medfusion pump question

by lauren2020 lauren2020 (New) New Nurse

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Hey guys,

Posting again because on my last post I meant a Medfusion pump and not an alaris pump.

Anyways, during one of my shifts last week I administered caffeine via IV over a Medfusion pump. I entered the patient's weight. But, later, I second guessed if I entered the weight right. For reference, 8.8 kg vs .88kg. I have not had a baby that has weighed less than 1000 grams, hence why I am second guessing if I entered it correctly.

My question is, do Medfusion pumps catch weight errors? Would it have alerted me if I was entering a weight with a dose that didn't make sense.

I am 99.9% sure I entered the weight correctly, this is just for my own peace of mind.


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It depends on how biomed/pharmacy set up the pump. Typically they will have 'normal' doses given the weight of the patient.

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If you have questions thinking clearly about the math (we all have those moments) or what should be entered, get a second opinion. Ask another nurse or call pharmacy. I used to do that from time to time with more complicated orders.