Med Techs

by BridgingTheGap BridgingTheGap (New) New

I have a question for all of you New Mexico nurses:

I (LPN) have been looking into longterm care and skilled facilities in New Mexico. The thing that concerns me is "med techs" working under a nurse's license. From what I can understand, it's almost impossible to do the job with the patient ratios being 20 to 1 and up without having a med tech passing all your meds...

I just can't for the life of me reason why a nurse would be okay with that. Isn't that medically-legally dangerous? I want to protect my license...but the opportunities to build skills are numerous in this kind of setting (and the pay is better than a clinic or school).

Do you think it's worth the risk to have a 6 month training person under your license passing meds for you?