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med/surg,post surgical, patient ratios?

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I work on a busy Post surgical GI unit at an HCA hospital in Florida, I love my job most of the time. We use Medi tech for charting, kind of a slow charting software as it is cumbersome. We also get overflow from urology, we do a lot of ,CBI, new colostomies and reversals etc. it is a busy unit & we used to have 5 pt's daily, busy but doable. oh they are all Tele pt's too.

end of 2019 they started giving us 6 pts (& charge nurse job  changed ,instead of one for every 20 rooms (each wing) now the charge nurse has 3 wings, so she/he doesn't really help us.

lately they've been saying we are going to get 7 patients, we all laughed at that.

but... I went on an interview at a different HCA they told me in the interview they frequently get 7, and it's med surg.

then someone I work with said, oh ya, I heard that is going to start being the new normal.

I already have to call all consultations, often key in orders for a busy Doctor etc. Is it really like that evey where? I feel like seven super sick pt's is... hmmm. well I can't imagine!


How many pt's do you have to take during the day on Med/Surg?

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