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Med-Surg II WCCC Final


Anyone have any pointers for Eschs final?? I am wondering how hard it really is? Was it comparable to her other tests?

If you cant tell I am nervous, I need to get a 75.......:eek:


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I am not going to lie, Ms. Esch's final was the hardest test I've taken in Nursing school to date. And I am about to finish my 3rd semester.

HA! "What will you see, what will you do". Sorry no tips. It was 1 year ago for me. It is a fog in my memory. I do remember that I passed. Best wishes to you.

I am 3 days away from the END of nursing school......why am I a little blue today?:( I am going to school with such a great group of folks. I think I need a 48% in order to pass M/S 4. Okay, moment of sadness over.........:clpty::grad::dncgbby: YEEAAAHHHH!!!!

Oh my gosh I passed that final Could she have made it any harder???????



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