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Med Surg or Correctional Nurse?

by brownladyRN brownladyRN (New) New

I graduated from nursing school in May 2013 and I have worked at a hospital on a med-surgical (mostly surgical patients) floor for exactly a year now. I am not a fan of bedside nursing, and this type of nursing isn't my cup of tea, but my instructors insisted we get med surg experience first. Recently a correctional nurse opportunity has presented itself and I don't know if I should take the job. Now I work 12 hour shifts, three days a week and this job would be 8 hour shifts and 5 days a week. I'm looking for a job that is focused, predictable, routine, low acuity patients and a lower stress level. Am I looking in the wrong direction or should I take a leap of faith? Along with my nursing degree, I have a bachelor in health education. I am very unhappy and miserable with my current job....any advice?


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If you are unhappy or miserable I would take this new position! Goodluck!!

lifelearningrn, BSN, RN

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I'm not sure any nursing is predictable.. I'd totally take the job though. Good luck!

Nonyvole, BSN, RN

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It never hurts to apply. But if I were you, and in a position where I was miserable? I'd so go for it.