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Med Error results in firing!


Hi everyone it's me again with the results. Seems my DON got her wish. She fired me for not giving a patient his pain medicine. Also added that I lied to her stating that I said i gave the med and did not, which I did not say that to her. However It's her word against mine. So who do you think they are going to beleive? I have been with this company for 15 months. Over that period I have observed many med errors. I have brought them to the attention of my supervisor and nothing was done. They did find one last week were a patient was supposed to be on a thyroid medication and the nurses who admitted the patient missed transcribing it onto the MARS. So this patient went without her thyroid medicine for 7 days. The DON wrote a nice note stating the doctor was called and the patient was started on her medication as soon as the error was found. The patient was A&O but was never told that a mistake was made. I was not involed as this med was to be given at 6am. I worked for the state of NJ once a long time ago and I remember all the nurses on the unit being wrote up do to transcription errors. Not so here. I am not trying to make excuses for my error in judgement. But fair is fair. if you are going to reprimand one nurse for a med error then do the same for all. Even the supervisor to whom I reported some med errors has made a few herself. Her reward is she got a position monday thru friday no weekends. Great. I really believe I have been singled out because I have questioned one too many times. My question here is do I just forgive and forget or do I write to the management company with all of the med errors and things I have seen that are in violation of patients rights? Things like restricting a patient who needs O2 to her bedroom and dinning room only because the portable O2 tanks are too expensive, how about a patint on a peg tube who couldn't get his medications or feeding because it was the end of the month and we had no syringes, or the patient who developed a hugh rash on his stomach because we didn't have a proper clamp for his peg tub and his stomach contents were constsntly dripping on him. By the way it only took management 6 weeks to get us a proper tube.


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Sorry to hear you lost your job. I'm sure there is something better for you out there. As far as reporting to corporate, I would just let it go. But that is just me. Do what is best for you. Good Luck!

Oh, honey, I'm sorry. And I ahve no doubt that you were singled out because you advocated for your patients.

But do NOT go over anyone's head to corporate. You will doom yourself, period. Confidentiality is a lie, and no good deed goes unpunished.

If you must do something, submit your issues with patient care, with documentation, to the state agency responsible for overseeing SNF's.

Amd good luck. Nut try to keep your head down and your mouth shut until you can get gone.

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I'd hate to mention this, but I sincerely believe you were targeted because you opened your mouth and shed light on other medication errors that were being committed by coworkers. Unfortunately, if you have a reputation for reporting things, management will attempt to conjure something up simply to make an example out of you.

Here's a hug. :icon_hug: (((hug))) I am sorry that this had to happen to you. Take it as a learning experience, and move on to a better place of employment.

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It is very unfortunate, but I have noticed that you have to observe, and then, be silent with the things you witness to survive in nursing. If it does not fit for you, then, leave quietly, especially if you are new. Many times, with the high nurse to patient ratios, unrealistic demands of management, and favoritisim, people feel forced to take short cuts or are just sick and tired of trying to fix everything they see. This is, in no way advocating for these people for what they did to you. I just see it as if you have your license intact, then, move on. And, next time, if you see something questionable and makes your hair stand on end, then, cut out before they cut you. It is too bad...nursing is really not that honorable a profession.

Someone will appreciate you for caring. I wish the very best for you!


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I've been a Nurse for 35+ years, and feel I do the best I possibly can do, and I just mind my own business with the behaviors of other Nurses, because you never know who you are reporting them to. There are many clicks in nursing facilities, and I am not one. I go home with a clear mind, and feel good for what I have done. An elimination of a med can occur due to interruptions, etc. We're not perfect nor are they. Learn to do your job and no one elses. A med can be overlooked just in documentation, and if you bring it up to that nurse directly, she'll appreciate it. Don't worry if it was given because they'll never admit it. Just be sure you do your job with caution and care. Sorry you lost your job. You'll find another. And be careful what you say during your interview. Jane

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