Therapy screens?

  1. :angryfireAnyone having trouble getting OT/PT/ST screens done? I have requested screens & after about a week or 2 I find that the therapists have not even looked at the resident. What do you guys feel is a realistic time for the screens to be completed. I feel that they should be done ASAP. Any thoughts about this? me:trout:therapy
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  3. by   cadburypam
    Per regulations the therapist have 72 hours to do the screen or the facility/therapy company are subject to deficiencies by the state survey agencies. If you are having this much difficulty, talk to your Director of Nursing, if this is a dead end, talk to your Administrator. I don't think they would like to shell out money for CMP's because of a therapist who didn't do their job efficiently.
  4. by   Rexie68
    :spin:is is a therapy eval ordered by the doc or just you requesting that they screen? if it's an actual doctor's order, our therapy dept does it within 48 hours. if i request a screen because i think the pt may benefit from therapy, it might take a bit longer. i love our therapists...they work great with my boss and i to get the highest rug levels, cmi's appropriate to the pts.