Stage 2 Wound

  1. Experts,

    I have a big stage 2 buttock wound on admission, now after 3 weeks the tissue surrounding it healed leaving 2 deeper areas of the same wound. How do I code it? It is the same stage 2.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   Talino
    I am assuming epithelial tissues had developed in the middle dividing the site, hence now appearing as two (2) separate St 2's? If that's the case, the scenario is not mentioned in the RAI.

    I would continue to code as one (1) St 2 ulcer. If the other site heals but the other hasn't, the St 2 remains unhealed.

    When in doubt, contact your state RAI coordinator.
  4. by   MDSRN15
    Thank you. Keeping it stage 2 and asked the nurse to measure it as one wound top to bottom.