Section Z0400

  1. When each department signs for their section (Social Services B,C,D,E,Q) are they supposed to include Z? Recently our Social Service Worker was told to include Z in the sections she signs but prior to, our MDS Coordinator would just sign Z0500 and leave it at that. Do each of your departments add Z to the sections they are signing for?
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  3. by   Talino
    Including Z as one of the sections completed just because a discipline simply entered his/her signature, 'though not erroneous, is not necessary. If your facility asks for it, do so.

    Multiple disciplines may be assigned to different items in one particular Section. When the SW enters his/her signature and captures Z as one of the completed sections, he/she does not need to wait for the MDS Coord to sign first. The SW captures section Z0400 while the RN Coord Z0500.