pain interview

  1. 2 questions== for the Medicare people do you still interview them for pain with each Medicare assessment?? ex: 14 day-
    30 day-60 day etc.(thought so but wasn't sure)
    next== in pain section on MDS for section J0100 C--received non med interventions for pain---do you mark YES for this if they have intervention sheets when PRN's are given?? we have sheets with our PRN med sheets--our sheets may have different interventions on it--food/one on one/repositioning/music--Thank you
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  3. by   Talino
    Yes, the pain interview is required.

    J100C - If performed during the look back period, yes. Just make sure you indicate in the care plan that such "non-medication" approaches are actually directed to alleviate pain and is evaluated for effectiveness.
  4. by   Medicarenurse1
    Yes, the pain assessment is necessary on all assessments. Non-medication interventions require an order (can be a nursing order or physician order) and require a response as to whether the intervention was effective.