1. Resident admitted from home for long term care on 7/19. He discharged to the hospital 7/23 with a return anticipated. I know to open the DRA assessment with ARD 7/23. Do I cancel his admission assessment and reschedule when he re-admits? I had his Admission ARD originally set for 7/25.

    I've read the manual, searched this site and AANAC, but I just continue to confuse myself even more. Any help will be appreciated!

    Thank You!
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  3. by   Talino
    Since you have up to 14 days to complete it, just cancel the Adm MDS and do it when resident returns. There may be additional changes to the resident's status that will compel an SCSA if you complete the Adm now.
  4. by   mamahank40
    Thank You!