Oh my gosh!!! Someone HELP!!

  1. I am a rather new LVN...just took a job as MDS nurse here in TX. There was a RN who was hired a week after I was--she had 5 years exp with MDS...I have none. Well, get this, she quit. SOOOOO here I am, all by my lonesome.

    I was wondering do ANY of you have forms/tools/spreadsheets etc to do my initial assessment on my resident to make sure I have covered everything? also...what about for RAPS--Im finding problems coming up with risks for the resident...I know, Im rather slow...lol. Im catching on pretty well--from what our corporate nurse says...but I need some help...some tools...

    Can yall help with any of this?! I have my RAI manual....I use it all the time. I understand the whole picture...but could use some tools....Thanks in advance!!!


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  3. by   cadburypam
    Assessment cheat sheet.doc


    Try these, hopefully they will help. I use these when I am training nurse's to cover me when I take vacations or am away at seminars. Also with RAP's address the problems, why it triggered, is there a reason it should or shouldn't be addressed in a care plan and if the problem was present prior to admission.