IV/oxygen question

  1. Resident admitted 4-18--went to hosp -observation--out over midnight--did X leave for 4-25--picked 4-26 for 5/Adm as he was never admitted --he got IV med and used oxygen while at hosp--would you code received while not a resident or while a resident(since he was never admitted)???

    Another question---any info on LPN's not doing CAA's as they are "assessments"??? can do quarterlies and Medicare MDS????
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  3. by   Talino
    To simplify, unless you completed a DC tracking/Reentry, the resident will still be considered an in-patient of the facility.

    The LPN’s role in the nursing process is state-specific. Example: In NY, “assessment” is one area that is not in the scope of the LPN practice. That said, the LPN may only collect and enter data that is already evident in the record. They may not interpret a clinical data or act independently on such data. That further restricts their role in performing CAAs independently. The LPN may, however, direct the location/s of the CAA already in place and performed by authorized disciplines.