Is this Medicare Fraud?

  1. We have a secretary that closes and submits our MDS. Today she asked if she could use the MDS coordinator's user name and password and e sign the MDS as complete because we are so far behind. The coordinator gave her the info. She then laughed and said she is going to commit fraud today. Our department head just told her not to tell anyone. Any suggestions how I should handle this?
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  3. by   susanthomas1954
    EGAD! I can't believe anyone posted this. Please review your company policy on passwords and internet security.
  4. by   marthyellen
    ALL companies have a policy regarding sharing your password, especially regarding electronic signatures. It would the same as forging a signature on a document.
  5. by   diane227
    DO NOT allow anyone to do this.
  6. by   silverbat
    can you say.... RUN away!! save your license!!! QUICKLY!!!!