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    So at my facility, there is no such thing as an MDS coordinator or anyone whose job is dedicated solely to it. All nurses are expected to complete their assessments and submit them ont op of everything else (But that's another thread altogether). So I was trained more than 2 years ago before the system was put into place, never used it and then transferred to another unit where I didn't use it. I have just finished my orientation today, thinking I was going to have some time to re-familiarize with it, but no. Holey crapola. They're also expecting me to pick it up on my own, manual in hand. So please if you can help me, please direct me to a nice simple primer to help me get started.................:smackingf
    Been there done that. Have been an MDS coordinate since 1998. Then came PPS. Do not be discouraged, The RAI manual will help a lot. I have been certified ANACC and that has helped. Trust me you will get it done!!
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    If there is no coordinator who does the scheduling of assessments? Fran