1. Experts,

    With a new rehab person, we just encountered this scenario: Patient on Med A rehab.

    30D - 4/18 - RHC

    4/22, 4/23, 4/24 - 3 days - refused care - no rehab minutes

    4/25 - Started therapy again.

    I opened an EOT on 4/24 -rug - LD1 and filled out the question:

    Has therapy resumed -- yes -- resume date used --- 4/25

    Is this correct? So for the 3 days, payment will be a nursing skill of LD1?

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  3. by   Talino
    You are correct! Just make sure that the therapy plan of care will remain the same. Otherwise a new therapy evaluation will be required. See example #3, p2-50
  4. by   MDSRN15
    4/24 - EOT - ARD was rejected.

    I just submitted another one with an ARD of 4/25, since therapy started that day....Let's see. I will update.