1. This morning I went to a new residents room for her Comprehensive assessment. Upon entering the room and introducing myself and why I was there, she said, "Oh you are here for the MDS assessment. Just don't use the words sock, blue or bed on me, because I've been in so many facilities over the past few years and I have the words memorized and am sick of them." Trying to humor her, I substituted shirt, shoe, and couch, and to my surprise she missed all three for C0400-Recall.
    My delema is deciding whether to go back and reassess her with the specific sock, blue, bed, or just documenting that she requested not to use those exact words and score her as she was. Any thoughts?
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  3. by   Talino
    It would be inaccurate if you used the same words already known or memorized. Some residents wittingly use the words in a sentence "there's a blue sock on the bed." In the course of a Medicare stay a typical resident would have 4 exact same interviews in 5 weeks (5, 14, 30, & DC). Substituting with single syllable words was smart. Good job!