ARD dates with MCR Advantage Plans

  1. Whenever I have a Resident with a Medicare Advantage Plan, I usually adhere to the PPS timing of ARD dates since I have encountered a few that prefer the timing to be the same, even though the subsequent NP assessments aren't submitted to CMS. It has always seemed simpler to do it that way, especially if those residents required a longer stay than 14 days, but what if the Resident stays less than 14 days? Do I have the option of setting the ARD date at day 11 if we are certain from the start that the resident will not stay beyond 14 days?
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  3. by   Talino
    This solely depends on the MA plan. 'though some may require a RUG score to pay, majority demands clinical documentation only. If a plan does require a RUG score, I strongly doubt they adhere to the same stringent PPS requirement for ARD windows.
  4. by   ibtootie
    Does anyone know of any of the Medicare Advantage plans that adhere strictly to the PPS schedule?