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MDC vs Nova

I'm a student at MDC and am hoping to become a nurse practioner. I have been accepted into MDC generic entry level nursing program for nursing as well Nova;s BSN program. I'm unsure as to which I should attend. Any thoughts? Which is a better education? What is the length of both programs?

Pros of MDC: It's cheaper and closer.

Cons of MDC: It's in a bad neighborhood and you don't graduate with a BSN. First you

get an A.S and then have to get your BSN.

Pros of Nova: Beautiful campus

Cons of Nova: It's far and very expensive (but you can get the baptist Scholarship)

In the end, all students end up taking the same test so a lot of your career will depend on your actions. Your education does, however, make a difference. So which to choose??

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I wanted to go to Nova too but I'm sticking with MDC. I was also accepted for the Generic. I made my choice also because of distance and price. For me, I don't care about BSN and ASN. I did when I was accepted to UM but realized that I was getting myself in over 40k bucks in debt, when I could just go to MDC with no debt, and still end up with an RN license. If I really actually need a BSN later, then I can go to UM or FIU or Nova and actually be able to pay for it, while already gaining experience as an RN.

I could have gotten into Nova, but who knows if I would have gotten the Baptist Scholar's? And would I really be fit to make the commitment of working for them for 2 or 3 years to make up for it? What if I need to move or something? These are things you need to ask yourself. I did and decided I was better off with MDC. I want to move ASAP from Miami once I am an RN.

I agree MDC is in a bad neighborhood, I would hate to get lost there. But this doesn't effect NCLEX scores, nor does it effect the enjoyable educational experience many students have there. To me, it's just vanity.

It all depends on where you are in life right now. If you have too many expenses, go for MDC. An ASN is better than a BSN for many people, including me. I cannot afford to get a BSN right now. I need and want to be an RN ASAP because my mother is going on disability soon and I am going to be in charge of finances. For others, a BSN is better than an ASN because they have time and don't have to worry so much about expenses.

I hope this helps, and good luck at whatever you choose! Both schools are great and have a lot to offer. :-)

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PS, I don't know what the site is, but there is a site that shows NCLEX passing scores for all schools in FL. You may be highly interested in seeing that to make a better choice. The Generic FT at MDC is about a year and 5 months. The program at Nova is about 27 months.

Thank you so much! I see your point of view...I don't want to go to a school just because it seems fancier and then be thousands of dollars in debt. But I'm assuming since Nova is a private school that they have more money and therefore access to better things like technology. I know Nova had a great passing rate last year but I'll have to check out MDC's. The education I recieved from MDC for my pre reqs wasn't even that great. I feel like I was challenged more and and learned in highschool than I did at the college! But that's not to say their nursing program is necessarily bad so I guess if money isn't an issue then I'll have to research which experience would be better for me. Do you know anybody that is in the program or has completed it at MDC? What did they have to say about it? Good luck in the program and congratz on your acceptance!

on eagles wings specializes in SDU, Tele.

No problem! I have heard good and bad things about both schools. I really did like the Nova program a lot because it appears that the courses they integrate into the program make you into a very well rounded nurse. I heard the advanced anatomy and physiology is used to weed out people as soon as possible. It either makes you or breaks you. I thought that was good and strategic. It does appear to be one of the harder programs.

MDC is also hard, maybe not as hard, but I wouldn't know. I only know as much as I have read on these boards. But I have read a whole bunch in the past year. It just seems to be a challenge no matter where you go due to the huge course load. But they have free tutoring and a sim lab which is nice, and you can go anytime and/or appointment from what I know.

I've had teachers literally give me A's during my pre-reqs. But I tutored a girl from Nova and they did the same thing to her. So I don't think that we should compare pre-reqs vs the actual program because for sureee they won't give you free A's in any clinical section.

I do believe that faculty in private schools are more helpful. That's not to say that those in MDC are not, but there are MORE nice/helpful/useful people in private schools, I think. Like when I was in the process of getting into UM, I was amazed at how quickly I would get replies and how they advised me so much without being a student. But I've met very kind and helpful and professional people in MDC as well, albeit scarce. :( :(

I suggest you find someone that graduated from Nova and see how the program was for that person(make sure its a person that loves nursing and is dedicated--all bummy people hate school lol) and how long it took to get a job. Well good luck to you and hth!

Hello there, eagles wings you have a very good perspective on your RN career, i agree that it all depends on what point you are at in your life to make a choice between going public or private. I think you have to do whats best for you in the long run as well as in the present moment. Good for you that you are accepted. Nowadays its hard just to be considered. I was also accepted to UM and i LOVED the quick turn around in responses. They were on point at all times and they never gave me the run around, they are fast and helpful however, you are paying for it! The tuition alone is crazy... I am going to Nova for the fall term and i just had my baptist interview today.... its a huge commitment but then again its your lifetime commitment as well... I think its how you experience things that will make you a great RN.. .at the end we all take the same test. But its how you are going to produce that matters... some are super smart but place them in clinicals and its a different story. For me, i want my BSN it made a huge difference when applying...

Nurse1389, do what is best for you like eagles wings... its your life and your education. Atleast youre in a program!! Look at all those still waiting!!!! :yeah::nurse::clown: Take care! And if you attend Nova see you there!!! :yeah:

I've decided on attending MDC. It will just be an extra step to get a bachelors. In the end I want to be a nurse practitioner so that means I will have to get my Masters degree. That's a lot of schooling and if I have to pay $18,000 for tuition plus all the extras (and there's a lot with books, gas, uniform, etc.) it is just a better idea to take the cheaper option. I do wish the staff at MDC was kinder...it's such a different story to find information when you call MDC or go on their website as compared to Nova. I'm sure MDC will have a lot to offer and in the end it depends on the nurse to study and practice not where he/she goes! It's an honour for all of us to have been accepted into a nursing program. Thank you both for your words of encouragement and advise. Good luck to both of you!!! See you in the program "on eagles wings"

Congrats Nurse1389 on your decision.... that is whats best for you so do it and do it well!!! It doesnt matter where we go it matters how we do it once we are RN;s! Did you apply for the Baptist scholars? MDC has a great program but yeah they need to work on communicating with their students a little better.... but then again we got in somewhere and others are still waiting out there.... as long as we start in August we should be on our way.. AN ARNP IS GREAT!!! They are looking for more of those lately... i want to be a CRNA so trust me im right there with you on expenses. But hey we will get there and the journey begins.. take care and goodluck to you on your program!

Get ready to be proactive if going to MDC--they are often unorganized and known to change things at the last minute leaving the student to scramble to figure things out on their own. Never take their word as the last word or the truth because often it is the contrary

I think that anywhere you go you will receive some kind of unfairness, for NSU the admissions process was horrible, could give anyone ulcers, very disorganized and lengthy had no sense of priority, however, you will succeed anywhere you will go, its within you. I do believe that the education part is very important and I hear NSU has a great and growing program so i am very excited to start my journey, i also heard its one of the hardest as well... so we will see. But best of luck to all.. and no matter what at the end its how much we have learned because we all take the same nerve wracking exam at the end =)

I hope the program is hard at MDC and they try to weed out the weak first. It will mean that they take their program very seriously. MDC doesn't offer the Baptist Scholarship anymore because of budjet costs. They do however offer another scholarship that will pay for your entire tuition. The only catch is that you have to work 10 hours a week for them.

For those of that are going to continue past a BSN I think it's a better going to MDC. The time will come to go a fancy school when we need out Master's :p.

I actually still haven't heard back from Nova! At this point I want to know just because I'm curious. I'm guessing though that I did not make it in since I'm still taking summer courses.

It's going to be a tough road for all of us in the long run. It's nice to see all of the support on the website though, rather than competition. We're all coming from different backgrounds and have strengths in different areas but either way we're going to have to study for this test every single day while trying to survive clinicals. It's very exciting to start!

Nurse1389, I didnt know that MDC doesnt offer the Baptist scholars anymore??? WOW.... so what is the new Scholarship that they offer.. i i have a couple of friends that are interested in Dade and they or we were under the impression that Dade was in contract with Baptist. Well atleast they have other plans set up... i think that in all nursing schools the first semester is always weeeding students out.... survival of the fittest! Maybe with Nova it is because of the summer classes.... i mean u never know i still cant figure them out.. they are all over the place. As long as you got in somewhere and are getting an education, who cares at this point. Congrats again with Dade and best of luck.... Nova for me im superrr nervous lol that advanced anatomy and physiology class is a little intimidating, but like i said survival of the fittest. We will survive lol... good luck

Hi everyone, I got accepted into the Spring term 2011 at MDC Generic FT program! Finally!! They were faster than Nova! I still haven't heard from Nova and I applied in April!! Anyway I was wondering how long the MDC FT program is since it states on the website 2 years but some people say it's a year to a year and half. I'm gonna stop working so I'm trying to plan my budget for the next year or so....

It's five semesters so if you start in January of 2012 you'll be an RN (with an associates) by like April or May 2013.

congratz npachon! That's great news!

When I had applied, they had told me that they did not offer it but I think now they only offer it once a year instead of two. Sorry for any confusion!

It depends with Baptist if they need any nurses or if they have the money. But they only offer this Scholarship as far as I know every Spring for MDC ADN Generic Full time. I am in the program right now got accepted Spring 2012.

The Baptist Scholars Program IS still in existence, as of Spring 2012. It's offered for MDC students starting the ADN fulltime generic program (no accelerated, no part-time, no transitional) in the Spring Semester only, not fall. Baptist also offers the program to Barry and Nova BSN students. Baptist will decide how many to take based on need. Right now there are 29 in the MDC program. No one can say what their plans are for 2013, but there's no reason to expect that the Baptist Scholarships won't be available for the coming spring as well. Hope this helps!

The MDC generic is 5 semesters? On the web it says that it's 4. Does this mean that they don't hold classes over summer semester, only during fall and winter semesters?


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