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Mdc nursing questiions?

chaquana chaquana (New) New

I am a high school student looking forward to applying to mdc nursing program and i wanted to know if any former mdc nursing students or current nursing students would tell me about their experience at mdc. Also does anyone know if it is tough getting in ?

on eagles wings, ASN, RN

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MDC's nursing program is super tough to get into. Most GPAs are above 3.79. Since you're in HS then what you need to do is go to see an adviser from the medical campus. Don't depend on anyone else's help because quite frankly, you are going to hear a lot of nonsense like there is a huge waiting list. MDC does NOTTTT have a waiting list. It's GPA based. But for those applying to Spring 2011, you need to take the TEAS and only your science GPA will be looked at. PM me if you have any other questions. Good luck!!!!!!


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