McMaster vs. UoT Nursing

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McMaster vs. UoT vs. Western Accelerated Nursing

  1. 1. McMaster vs. UoT vs. Western Accelerated Nursing

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Hi, I have applied to nursing at Western, McMaster and UoT. I will have completed my undergrad in Biology this spring. I applied to medical school, which is where I hope to end up, but sadly was not accepted so I decided to try nursing (which I am very excited for!!). Toronto and McMaster are my top choices, I applied to Western as sort of a back-up.

I would love your feedback and experiences/thoughts on these schools to help me decide which is better in terms of courses and clinical.

Thank you!



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You can't go wrong with McMaster for anything health related, so I would always recommend them. They are very innovative- this is their first year screening applicants for emotional intelligence using the CASPer I believe. All the best with your application- post grad RN programs are a beast to get into!



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I would say McMaster because of the cost, etc as well as what was said above.