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MCG CNL Program Fall 2010 - Americus

mdkelly mdkelly (New) New

Is there anyone out there who has been accepted to the Fall 2010 CNL program on the Americus campus??

Yes! I am glad to finally see someone on here that will be!

Awesome! I have found a couple of girls on FB that are also going to be in Americus with us. Are you on there? If so, you can find me as Monica Kelly (Macon State).

Where are you coming from? Im coming from northeast of Macon. I applied to that campus but they accepted me down in Americus. Im not going to complain tho, because atleast I got in!! :-)

Great news! I am on fb and I will contact you soon. I am from Athens and I applied for this campus, to save money, but quite frankly... I am stoked to get out of here! The GSW campus looks cool, and from what I hear it's a neat little town. I am excited to meet everyone, and get to WORK! I have had issues with housing so I just decided to live in the upperclassmen dorms, who knows how that will pan out ?!?! I think it will be a great experience, and like you I am just glad for the opportunity!


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