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MCC's Pathogen

solidus solidus (New) New

hi guys! i was wondering if anyone can tell me what pathogen (Bio2730) in macomb is like? would you guys recommend it in the summer sem? also who is the best teacehr to get, thanks!!!

Not a bad class. I took it at center & had Dr. Joe (no complaints). Tested on lectures.I have heard its a lot to take in summer, but not as hard as A & P. I guess it depends on your GPA because in 2010 they base admission into the program on this prereq as well as A & P, and I think Eng.

I have BIO 1000 with Dr. Joe, (as mentioned above) and I know he teaches patho. He is an amazing teacher in my opinion. I rather not post professor's last names, but I can email it to you if you like. I plan to try and take him in the summer if he is teaching either micro.

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