MCA to Hospice / PP to Hospice


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Two Questions:

1) Have a MCA admitted to Hospice after day 7 ARD, so if I am applying the RAI guidelines correctly: I would do this assessment sequence; 5D - NPE - SCSA

2) Have a PP admitted to Hospice day after admission. Assessment sequence: Just the Admission (Comprehensive).

I know that Admission assessments are not usually required unless peep is in building for 14 days, but in this case, the admission assessement is required d/t Hospice entry requiring some type of comprehensive?

Thank You.


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Hello Makkiel

1. If a prior resident returning from a hosp stay, your sequence is correct. If this is a new admission, you do Adm, not SCSA.

2. The same rule applies for Admission, whether hospice or not. For case mix states, it may be beneficial to complete (<14 day) Admission, dash fill the CAA and submit.

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TY Talino