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MBON horror....positive background check 😱

by keketas007 keketas007 (New) New

MBON are the worst people to try and contact.... To try and help someone make sense of their issue... I was issued a 90 day letter..A couple of days before the day I call left a message no return call so I went to Mbon...They just gave me a contact person who only communicates by email... so I emailed him and he says you will not be seen till they review your issue...If there is a problem he will call.. I called the head of the background check dept...Her voicemail says don't leave multiple messages "I will get the message and help you resolve your issue...I can't contact her for 5 business days....Some people act like going to Mbon is enough That does not solve anything... That lady at the window is no help just fives you a number to call.. Then there is no luck with contacting that person....I have contacted the courts to see what in the world they found....I have one thing on my background failure to return rented vehicle... I am at my Witt's end I challenged the finger prints.. will they really work on my issue so my name can be cleared to get a license????